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When And Where This Movie Will Be Held + Time Table

Attention! Please show your parents this post! Because it has when and where it will be held!

Starting from 10 O’clock to 3 O’clock. Also the actor of Laura has a slightly different timetable to the timetable for the actor of Caramel, Cookie and Sophia.

This is the time table for the actors of Caramel, Cookie and Sophia.

10:00-10:30 Getting the actors into costumes, hair done, makeup (lip stick and eye liner) and quick review of sections 1-8.

10:30-11:00 Filming the movie.

11:00-11:15 Snack break, quick review of sections 9-13 AKA the end.

11:15-11:45 Filming the rest of the movie.

11:45- 12:00 Lunch break.

12:00-3:00 Play time.

This is the time table for the actor of Laura.

9:00-9:45 Practising with full costume with the director.

9:45-9:55 Quick snack.

9:55-10:00 Wait till 10:00 for the other actors or practice your lines.

10:00-10:30 Maybe help the director put  the other actors into costumes, hair done, makeup (lip stick and eye liner) and quick review of sections 9-13 AKA the end.

10:30-11:00 Help director to film the movie.

11:00-11:15 Snack break, another quick review of sections 9-13 with other actors AKA the end.

11:15-11:45 Filming the rest of the movie.

11:45- 12:00 Lunch break.

12:00-3:00 Play time.




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What Came First?

One simple question below:

Who Came First? The Chicken? Or The Egg?

Please type your answer in the comments. To get to the comments Click Here and scroll down till the end of the post.
Whoever answers correctly will get a prize! Which is a the original copy of this move script.
I know the answer.
Also if your a Ravenclaw (The smartest Harry Potter House)(Which i am a Ravenclaw) you will know.

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8 Funny Chicken Jokes Presented by (Laura, Caramel, Silkie And Sophia)

Here are some funny chicken jokes below, just remember if you haven’t read the script please Click Here and it will take to t read it. Because these character are indeed chickens. P.S Laura, Caramel, Cookie and Sophia = Chicken.

Laura’s Jokes:

Q. What do you call Laura’s egg lying in the garden?
A. An Egg-plant!

Q. What does Snow White call Laura’s egg?
Egg White!

Caramel’s Jokes:

Q. What did evil Caramel lay?
A. Deviled eggs!

Q. Why did Caramel cross the playground?
A. To get to the other slide!

Silkie’s Jokes:

Q. What did Cookie say when he saw scrambled eggs for the first time?
What a bunch on mixed up kids!

Q. What do you get when you cross Cookie and a fox together?
A. Just a fox!

Sophia’s Jokes:

Q. Why did a rubber Sophia cross the road?
A. Because Sophia wanted to stretch her legs!

Q. Why was Sophia thrown out of a ball game?
A. Because she was suspected for fowl play!



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Who Gets Which Role

If Character Is Taken Or Not:
Red=Confirmed: No one will be able to have this role
Orange=Unconfirmed: Unsure who will get the role
Green=Vacant: Anyone can take this role

For Number Of Lines Only:
50+ Lines Red=Super Hard
 40-49 Lines Orange=Hard
20-39 Lines Yellow=Medium
10-19 Lines Green=Easy
 1-9 Lines Blue=Super Easy

Laura: {10 Lines} Name Of Actor: Abigail (Confirmed) 
Caramel: {16 Lines} Name Of Actor: Unknown (Vacant)
Silkie: {14 Lines} Name Of Actor: Jelena (Unconfirmed)
Sophia: {12 Lines} Name Of Actor: Sophia (Confirmed)

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New Movie!!! The Origins Of Laura

Instead of doing Laura And The Big Bad Bully, we are doing The Origins Of Laura. The reason that i changed the script is that the very first movie we were going to do Laura And The Big Bad Bully was just too long, too many lines to remember and not enough time or people to commit to the role. But don’t worry all of the script of Laura And The Big Bad Bully has not gone to waste, eventually we are going to do it in the future when everyone is familiar of what we’re going to do, enough people interested and enough time.

This short film movie is going to be about The Origins Of Laura. Down below is the new script.

Red= Laura’s Lines
Orange= Caramel’s Lines
Blue= Caramel’s Brother’s Lines (Cookie)
Pink= Sophia’s Lines
Green= Section


The Script
The Origins Of Laura


Section 1:

It was a sunny morning at Lake Melon, Caramel and Silkie was just waking up

Caramel: Good morning Little brother!

Cookie: Good morning Caramel!

Section 2:

Caramel and Cookie went downstairs and made a cup of hot cocoa.

Cookie: Can I have marshmallows in mine?

Caramel: Sure.

Section 3:

Then there was a tap at the door, Cookie went over to answer it with a packet of marshmallows in his hand. As he opened the door he is shocked to see that there was an egg! Cookie accidentally ripped opened the marshmallow packet in surprise.

Cookie: stammered: Err Caramel, there’s an egg at the door.

Caramel: You’re joking!

Cookie: I’m not joking, see for yourself.

Section 4:

Caramel got up and looked to find there was indeed an egg at the door.

Caramel: Oh my! There is an egg at the door!

Cookie panicked: We must bring it in! There’s a chick inside!

Section 5:

Caramel rolled the egg in side and made a nice little nest for it.

Caramel: Do we look after it?

Cookie: Of course! We, should call our neighbour for advice.

Section 6:

Caramel agreed and called her, in no time their next-door neighbour Sophia came over.

Sophia: What’s the matter?

Caramel: We have an egg.

Sophia laughing: You’re joking!

Cookie serious: The egg knocked on our front door!

Sophia doubled up with laughter: The egg knocking on your door!

Section 7:

When Sophia saw that no one was laughing she stopped and looked dead serious.

Sophia: You’re serious? You have an egg!

Caramel and Cookie nodded.

Sophia: Oh my we need to raise it into a chick!

Section 8:

Sophia got more blankets and put it around the egg.

Caramel: How long do you think this egg has a chick in it?

Cookie: Who knows it could hatch at this very second.

Sophia: I’m going to tell the egg an joke.

Cookie: I’m not sure if that’s a good idea.

Sophia: What egg lives by the sea? An egg shell!

Section 9:

CRACK! The egg started to hatch.

Cookie: Sophia! You make the egg crack up!

The egg opened and revealed a small girl chick.

Chick: Cheep.

Section 10:

Caramel: What should we name it?

Cookie: Larissa.

The chick shook its head.

Sophia: Lauren.

The chicken shook it’s head again. Caramel said a lot of names.

Caramel: Lara, Laurel, Laurie how about Laura?

The chicken finally nodded her head to the last choice.

Section 11:

Cookie: Hello Laura.

Sophia: Lets give Laura some hot cocoa.

Caramel: She can’t she might burn herself. She a chick remember.

Sophia: Oh yeah. What about bouncing around on the trampoline?

Caramel: She a chick Sophia.

Sophia: Oh yeah, I kind of forgot that.

Cookie: If we are going to raise her we need to chick sit her.

Sophia: Oh boy.

Section 12:

7 years has past the baby chick is not a chick anymore, she was young chicken.

Laura: Can I please go to the park by myself?

Caramel: You’re too young.

Laura: Oh yeah, I forgot. Can I go to night parties?

Caramel: You’re way too young.

Laura: Oh yeah, I forgot that night parties is for adults.

Sophia: If we are going to raise you properly, get your school bag because it’s time for your first day of school!

Laura: Oh boy.

Section 13:

Laura, Caramel, Cookie and Sophia got their bags and headed off to Lake Melon’s school. At school Laura did music lessons, maths, English and art before Caramel, Cookie and Sophia picked her up to go home.

Caramel: How’s you first day of school?

Laura: Boring!

Cookie: Did you learned anything?

Laura: A little

Sophia: What did you learn?

Laura: Well I learnt how to draw.

Caramel: Like did you learn how to draw a star?

Laura: That’s too easy look!

She drew a magnificent star in her art book and showed them.

Laura: I can draw harder things and the teacher was impressed.

Cookie: Like what?

Laura: Like this.

Laura quickly drew something and held up this magnificent drawing of the Eiffel Tower.

Caramel: Oh my! I think I know what Laura’s secret power is!

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Zero Water Bottled Challenge

When we hiked the Himalayas in Nepal we set ourselves a


And we did it!  Here is why and how we did it:

We did lots of reading about Nepal and hiking as we prepared for our trip.  We learned about the problems that rubbish is causing in the Himalayas, polluting all the rivers. Because the water is so polluted, it’s not safe to drink water in Nepal, we would need to buy lots of plastic bottles of water, adding to the rubbish problem.

When we first booked our flights for our adventure, we made a team emblem.  It was our ‘footprints’ around the mountain representing each one of us, training together and supporting each other as a team, then hiking the Himalayan mountains! But they were also a literal representation too, to leave only ‘footprints’.

Lucas and I made the above picture to show our challenge!  We had to help the rubbish problem, have safe drinking water, and leave only footprints, how on earth were we going to do that???????  

We watched videos about the ‘mountains’ of rubbish that have been left behind by hikers and climbers in the Himalayas, and it was really sad.  Even when it gets moved to mountain dumps it gets burned causing all kinds of toxic pollution.

As we have researched though we also found lots of people doing good things to help the rubbish problem, which was nice to see.  

Like this one:

And this one, solving plastic bottle and poop pollution problem in one!

But we asked ourselves what can WE do as a family?

When we hike Australia we always bring our rubbish home.  But we can’t do that in Nepal. 

On our last hike in China, we bought bottled water from the guest houses along the way. We had to, as you can’t drink the water in China either.  Although we didn’t throw the empty bottles along the trails, we did leave them in the guest house ‘bins’. But where did they go after that?  When we were in Nepal, we saw how many of the guest houses in the mountains throw all the rubbish that the hikers leave behind into the river.  When we were in Kathmandu, we walked along the river and saw all the mountains of rubbish that had flowed all the way from the villages.  Here are some pictures of the rubbish we saw. 

As you can see, sometimes we saw rubbish piled in holes along the mountain tracks, this gets ‘burned’ which is not good for the environment.  Or we saw rubbish thrown from the guest houses into the rivers, which ends up in Kathmandu rivers. 

We watched this TED ED video as a reminder that there is no throwing ‘away’ of a plastic bottle…

The third bottle in the video helps save the planet by being recycled…but in Nepal there is no official ‘recycle’ program.

The water being unsafe to drink in countries like China and Nepal has left hikers with no other option but to buy bottled water…which means several plastic bottles per day per hiker…with 100s of thousands of hikers …it’s not hard to work out the huge problem! The ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ slogan isn’t helping in a place like the Himalayas…

…So we decided to add another ‘R’…


The challenge for us on our adventure in Nepal was


So how do we do this when the water is not safe to drink?

A bonus is that as we have already hiked so much in the wilderness, so we already know a little about the different ways, and their pros and cons of treating water. We also read about what other trekkers in Nepal are doing.

There are a variety of ways to treat water, such as boiling, iodine tablets, pump filters, straw filter bottles, UV light etc., each one has its pros and cons. Here is what we plan to do on our hike in the Himalayas:

We are fortunate we already have a SteriPEN we bought few years ago when Mum and Dad started taking us on long hikes.

Here’s me using our SteriPEN to treat creek water on our  Hinchinbrook Island hike.

The UV light of the SteriPEN kills bacteria, parasites and viruses in the water You have to fill a special litre water bottle, then put the pen in the water for 90 seconds.  Usually we then fill our drink bottles of water bladders for the day.

The downsides are that the pen requires batteries, spare batteries can be heavy while hiking on long hikes. The pen kills stuff, but doesn’t filter…so the floaty bits and sediments will still be in the water. It could break, in that case you need a back up!

So for our trip to Nepal, we also bought a water filter bottle each.  They were dear, but when we weighed up the cost of bottled water, and saving the environment, we thought the price was OK.  So when we steripenned our water, we then poured the water into our filter bottles. 

The filter bottles are a 2 stage filtration system.  They filter out bacteria, Protozoa, gets rid of any dirt particles, reduces odor, bad taste and organic chemical matter such as pesticides. They can’t kill viruses, but our steripen does this, so we are covered by using both!

So here are the tools for our water treatment plan:

The time to treat everyday, and the extra weight to carry the Pen and spare batteries,were a little inconvenience.  But we felt worth it to do our little bit to reduce the plastic pollution in this area of the world. Many other hikers are doing this too…if every hiker did this imagine the reduction in rubbish on the mountains!

Here is my Dad treating the first bottle of water when we arrived at our Kathmandu apartment.  We were really scared to trust it at first!!!!! We had to trust the UV light was killing all the bacteria and that the filters in our bottles were working!

Here are a few piks of me on the trail, and Lucas in a Katmandu restaurant with our life saving life straw bottles!  They went with us EVERYWHERE! We were able to fill our treatment bottle from the same source as the local villagers, treat with the steripen, then put in our own filter water bottles. Even though we were a little scared at first, Mum told me that this water would probably be better for us than our tap water in Australia, as the filters also filtered out the chemicals that would be used to treat our water in Australia!  Can you spot our water bottles in the pictures???  One picture even has our steripen waiting to treat our water at our lunch stop for the afternoon!

It was good to be able to take action and do something to help reduce the pollution in Nepal’s rivers.  We saw lots of other hikers using the LifeStraw filter bottles, and we met another Australian family using a steripen.  We were the only ones using both! We hope that more and more hikers can spend a little extra money on a filter bottle, it will save them money having to buy bottled water and save the environment!

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Rescuing Two New Ex Battery Hens

On Sunday we rescued two Ex Battery Hens. The person we got them off was Maddie. To get more hens we still have to upgrade the hen house. I check on the Brisbane City Council and I am legally allowed 20 chickens max. The hens cost 10 dollars each because Reds Rescues has to pay the egg company. Because Reds Rescues gets a lot of chickens (80) from the company, they need people like Happy Hens (me) to bring them back to a forever home. The one I’m holding is called Rey (Off Star wars The Force Awakens) and the one my brother is holding is Princess Leia (Off Star wars). Did you know that International Chickens Day is on the same day as International Star Wars Day! May The 4th…. I showed them how to eat and drink, when it was time for bed we put the new hens on the perch. Rey was right next to Caramel and wanted to fight so she could be at the top of the pecking order…. So we put Rey and Caramel at different ends of the perch. Rey wanted to get to Caramel so much she stepped over all the chickens not caring where she put her feet….

Maddie, Rey and Princess Leia

Star Wars Rey And Princess Leia

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Writting A Letter To Get The First Two Ex-Battery Hens

Yesterday I have written a letter to get some ex-battery hens. I have asked when it was a good day and time to pick them up. It might take a few days but the day will come. I’m going to get the hens from Red’s Rescues, bellow is the letter I have written to them.

Hi there!

My name is Aurora, I am 12 years old, I am looking for two ex-battery hens. I am currently making parkrun barcode design covers so, I can raise money and rescue some ex-battery hens and bring them back to a forever home. Please tell me when you’ve got some more hens for a home, and what time and date would be ok, to pick some up. I have a website for all the information. (Web site URL) happyhens.edublogs.org


Aurora 🙂 

Hopefully they’ll get back soon! All of our chickens are looking forwards when I told them, they were clucking happily. When I get my first two I will tell you. Basically ones for Lucas and ones for me.

Please vote for a name below in the comments:

Options for name choices:

A.  Hope   B.  Rose Comb  C.  Feather Wings  D.  Star  E.  Cutie Pie


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Arum Is Eloise

I have big news that Arum (as we thought was a rooster) has laid her first egg and proven he was a hen. Her eggs are really small, just a bit bigger than a fifty cent piece. We have seven Eloise eggs right now, I expect the yolk would be small so I will have to use her eggs in omelettes or frittatas.

Eloise’s Eggs

Did you know that when I’m around Lucas doesn’t get pecked (hard) by Eloise, but when I’m gone, that’s a different story. Yesterday Lucas’s got pecked so hard that his foot started to bleed. It’s something to do with the pecking order. I earned all of the chickens respect, even Eloise!  You really don’t want to see Eloise angry, she chases after you really fast , fluffs up and starts pecking towards you. It’s actually quite scary, before I earned their respect. Just show them your not afraid, and get pecked really hard.

Eloise. Don’t Get On Her Bad Side

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Interperation Of Caramel (Plymouth Rock) Sounds And Guestures

Ever wonder what chickens are saying? Well use this to decode your chickens speech and feelings, just to let you know it slightly changes for different breeds, this is accurate for the Plymouth Rock Breed. I have listen to Caramel when she was in different situations and tried to decode her speech and feelings. This is what I got.


Bworrk: Single smooth quiet-ish sound= Hi! 

Bwbworrk: Double sounded quiet-ish “Bworrk= Goodbye!

BORK!: Single quick loud piercing skeirk= OW!

BWORK! Bwork Bwork: A Loud note followed by quieter notesHey!

Bworrk BWorrk BWOrrk BWORrk BWORRk BWORRK! Soft notes becoming loud= I NEED ATTENTION


Feathers Puffing Up= The chicken is angry and might be ready to fight, or defending it’s self.

Slight Smirk= The chicken has been planning something in their mind, so beware!

Following You= The chicken may love you a lot or most likely wanting something from you.

Chicken Sprinting To You= The Chicken is excited to see you or most likely wanting food.

Chicken Not Looking In Your Eye= You may have done something to upset the chicken or acting innocent.

Chicken Looking up Side Ways To See You= That is normal happy chicken. Chickens can’t see like us.

Caramel at the front


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